Plenitude: A Photo Journal

November 5, 2009: In the beginning there was ..



December 16, 2009: “Plénitude” was born


November 5, 2009: Planning the first cut with the chainsaw



Sketching the outline

The initial cuts with the grinder


Taking shape

Two weeks later

Cardboard prototype of the base

First Sanding

After sanding,


sanding …

“Plénitude” is ready for the next step

First oil bath

“Plénitude” is waxed and polished

Testing the base

First coat of primer

Final coat of paint

Polishing the marble base


December 18, 2009: Day of departure for Europe

Packing for the journey

“Plénitude” in Belgium


Tell me mother

That ultimate moment

We are experiencing together

what is it?

Would it be already a piece of paradise? …


My sweet daughter

You and I, because of our bonding

We are living in a state of grace.

Let’s wish it lasts forever

Because it is so called “Plénitude”

Marika Bordes

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