Seguin ArtsFest Weekend March 25-27, 2011

This post includes: A link to the Seguin Commission on the Arts listing of all events, Seguin ArtsFest events with Marika, and an article about the weekend from Seguin Daily News.

Seguin is an Arts Destination.

Link to all events

A complete listing of all Arts Fest events can be found at

Marika’s Events

During ArtsFest weekend, Marika has three events: Sculpture Exhibit, Kids of All Ages, Sculpting Demonstration.

Sculpture Exhibit

On Friday and Saturday evenings, Marika and the Seguin Sculptors Guild have a sculpture exhibition at the Stephen and Mary Birch Texas Theater.  The location is 425 North Austin Street.

Art in the Park: Kids of All Ages

Saturday morning from 9:00 to 11:30, Marika, Roger Betschler, and Beth Raetzsch will work with “Kids of Ages” on a tapestry. The tapestry will represent the architectural beauty of downtown Seguin.  Prior to ArtsFest a number of local artists will add their interpretation of Seguin architecture to the tapestry.  The project for the kids of all ages will be to add accents and borders to the tapestry using a resin based material.  The event takes place in Central Park in downtown Seguin at the corners of Austin and Court Streets.

Art in the Park: Sculpting Demonstration

From 1:00 – 3:30, Marika and members of the Seguin Sculptors Guild will demonstrate the art of wood sculpting using hammer, chisels and other tools.  The event takes place in Central Park in downtown Seguin at the corners of Austin and Court Streets.

Seguin Daily News Article

Seguin prepares for ArtsFest weekend; Dozens of events scheduled during three day festival

By Cindy Aguirre-Herrera

(Seguin) — Seguin’s art world will unveil itself all at one time this coming weekend. More than 20 performances of dance, music, and theater plus art exhibits of painting, sculpture, film and photography will be packed into a single weekend at various locations throughout Seguin. Events are part of ArtsFest which is being hosted by various groups that make up the Seguin Commission on the Arts.

Commission Chair John Masterson says the fest will showcase the talents of local artists, actors and musicians during a three day schedule.

“It’s a wonderful convergence of events. Mary Jo Filip called me in the capacity as the chair of the arts commission some months ago and said how about doing an Earth Day type event with the arts commission and we have Trade Days this weekend. We already had a number of other events scheduled. You know about the Romeros with the (Mid-Texas) Symphony coming up this weekend and so from there it was really fairly simple to put together. We put out the word to all the artists and arts organizations and we have a major event to showcase all the different arts and artists in Seguin,” said Masterson.

Friday’s schedule includes a variety of events such as the Teatro de Artes’ statewide accordian competition titled “The Big Squeeze” in the Texas Theater; a free performance by Johnny Pfeil of the Comal County Country Music Show at Argent Court Assisted Living; The Legends n Time Band — the country, western and gospel group at Eden Place; a free theater production of Steel Magnolias by the Seguin High School theater group; a Navarro High School coffeehouse style production of “The Small World of Millie McIvor” at the Palace Theater and a Rock for the Arts Harley’s concert at Austin Street Live.

Saturday’s schedule begins at 9 a.m. and will run through 7:30 p.m. Much of the events will be in conjunction with the city of Seguin’s Trade Days in downtown Seguin. Among the items are Art in the Park for Kids of All Ages, music by Porous, — an alternative-pop band, painting demonstrations, poetry for kids, 45 minute performances of a fairy tale spoof of “Little Red Riding Hood” by the Seguin Performing Arts Company, an independent film festival, jazz music, a youth talent show, mariachi music and the Texas A&M All Ladies Choir.

Masterson says Saturday’s schedule is complex but offers exposure and hands on demonstrations of the arts all day long.

“There are visual arts. There are participation kinds of events — if you want to help create some art. There are wonderful programs for children throughout the day. If you have access to the Internet, please go to The full agenda with all the venues and descriptions of everything will be found there on the arts commission website. So there is absoulutley something for everyone all day long,” said Masterson.

Among the most featured event this weekend will be The Romero Guitar Quartet. The Mid-Texas Symphony will feature the world renowned quartet described as the “Royal Family of Guitarist” at Texas Lutheran University’s Jackson Auditorium.

The Christian Cupboard also stands to benefit this weekend during a “Blues and Country Western Band Benefit Concert” at the Palace Theater.

Ongoing events this upcoming weekend during ArtsFest will include the purchase of oil and watercolors in the Plaza Hotel Lobby, a Fine Art Photography Exhibit by Robert H. Gardner in the Heritage Museum, a Fine Art Sculpture Exhibition featuring Marika Bordes and the Seguin Sculptors Guild in the Texas Theater and a resident art show at Argent Court Assisted Living.

A complete listing of all Arts Fest events can be found at

Seguin Daily News

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