The Cross for The Road to Emmaus Sixth Installment

A few weeks ago, Terri and her husband Carlos traveled from Lubbock to Seguin.  They left with “Mary Magdalene at the Cross.”  Thus ending one chapter of the story “The Cross for The Road to Emmaus.”  Terri will present the sculpture for the first time in February 2012 to participants in the Road to Emmaus Retreat.  We will of course update this blog with the next chapter of the story.

Thank you, Terri for you are an inspiration and a blessing.  May God be with you and the wonderful Carlos.

Marika and Dennis

A Closer Look

Mary Magdalene at the Cross

Mary Magdalene at the Cross

Marika with Terri the guardian of the sculpture

Terri with Mary Magdalene at the Cross

One thought on “The Cross for The Road to Emmaus Sixth Installment

  1. What an incredible experience we have had in meeting Marika and seeing her vision unfold for the sculpting of a Cross for an Emmaus Walk. This amazing sculpture will be handed down in our family from generation to generation because of the meaning behind this Walk and the sculpture. What drew me to Marika was hearing of her faith during a segment on Texas Country Reporter. Marika talked about her church in Haiti where she was Baptized and took Communion and now it was gone due to the earthquake. The passion of her faith was enbedded in her heart. I knew she was the one to make a statement with the cross for the Emmaus Walk. Marika will not physically be present for the Emmaus Walk in February, but her spirit and soul will bless all who are there to hold the cross and give testimony of their journey with Christ on the Walk. May God continue to bless Marika in her past, present and future sculptures. Marika and Dennis – I will be forever grateful for your friendship and your dedicated work to make this cross a statement of faith and love. Blessings to you, Terri & Carlos Flores

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