Artists: Kris Kelson – Roger Betschler – Elisabeth Montgomery – Donna Maske

Art for the Park Art Auction

The Artists and Their Art

Kris Kelson:

Biographical information-

Kris Kelson was born in Long Beach, California. She now lives and works in Texas. Though out the years she has incorporated fine art into her life whether it be music, sculpture, or visual art. She has studied drawing, design, and painting on the college level and for the past 10 years has concentrated on developing her visual arts skills through self study, private classes, and artist’s workshops.  One of her visual art goals is to combine classical painting techniques with a modern approach.   Some of her awards include First Place: Guardian of the Texas Theater, oil, Luling Oil Museum, Best in Show: Waiting, oil, Seguin Oakwood Art League and Third Place: Contemplation, oil, Seguin Oakwood Art League.

Kris’s story about her painting “Becker’s Lavender”-

As a member of the plein air group “The Texas Paint Slingers” I travel and paint on location often. This painting of the lavender fields at Becker’s Vineyards in Fredericksburg originated from one of our paint outs.

Kris’s Art-

Becker’s Vinyard


Roger Betschler:

Biographical information-

Roger Betschler received his Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 1979 concentrating on sculpture and painting.  He took his first life casting class at Santa Fe College in 1993.  Ever since that time, he was infatuated with the process and enjoys the challenge of combining form with surface textures and colors.  After teaching middle school for 22 years, it is a pleasure for him to create art at his studio in Seguin.

Roger’s story about his sculpture “Humble Elegance”-

“Humble Elegance” emerged from the fire in 2008. As a simple pinch  pot, it slowly continued its development into a whimsical bird form. The metallic glazed interior is complemented by the equally rich textured raku exterior. The irredescent surface is accompanied by our Creator’s magical peacock feathers.  “Humble Elegance won the following awards: 2008 “Top Ten” winner Seguin Oakwood Art League Fantasy Show and the 2008 Second Place winner New Braunfels Art League “Artoberfest”.

 Roger’s Art-

Humble Elegance


Elisabeth Montgomery:

Elizabeth’s Art-

Woven coat

Donna Maske:

Biographical information-

Donna was born in Texas and grew up in the piney woods of Northeast Texas in a very rural area.   The many women of her family who created quilts and other handicrafts and the surrounding woods influenced her and her work.  She holds multiple degrees including an advanced degree in art education and taught art in the Marion ISD for 24 years. Donna works in multiple mediums including clay, textiles, metals, photography, digital art, painting and drawing.

Donna’s Art-

Autumn Scarf

Blue Green Scarf

Coiled Necklace Turquoise 1

Coiled Earth Tone Turquoise

Focal Earth Tone Necklace (detail)

Coiled Necklace Turquoise 2
Copper Necklace & Earrings
Copper Necklace & Earrings (necklace detail)
Copper Necklace & Earrings (earrings detail)

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