Artists: Robin Roberts (Walker) – Beverly Cobb – Luling Icehouse Pottery – Matt Chase

Art for the Park Art Auction

The Artists and Their Art

Robin Roberts (Walker):

Native Texan Robin H. Roberts (Walker) received her BFA from the University of Texas in Austin with a concentration in public relations and advertising. In addition she studied art at the Instituto de Allende in San Miguel de Allende Mexico.  Representational transparent watercolors on paper and water-based oils on canvas painted in a non-traditional way characterize the work of Robin H. Roberts.  Using a limited palate of nine vivid colors her works come alive with positive and uplifting energy.

Each painting is inspired by a personal experience or impression gained by the artist as she travels to her national exhibitions, Mexico or to various islands for research.  Scenes depicting the Caribbean, American seashores, Mexico, Italy, Texas and the Rio Grande borderlands are painted from many combined images to capture the essence of that location.  Her love of the colors and culture of Mexico influence all her paintings.

Robin H. Roberts (Walker) has exhibited in hundreds of juried shows in 43 cities in 13 states including every major city in Texas.  She is a board member of the Texas Watercolor Society, President of the New Braunfels Art League, past president of the Laredo Art League, active member of the Seguin Oakwood Art League, an award winning member of the Oklahoma and Alabama Art Guild, an exhibitor in the Aqueous and Southern Watercolor Society, Texas 100 and featured artist at the Beaux Arts Festival in Miami.

 Robin’s Art

Beverly Cobb:

Biographical information-

For Beverly, photography is a reflection of her appreciation of nature and historical places.  Photography, especially Nature Photography, requires she slows down to appreciate the beauty and wonder in the world.  She sees a purity in composing  and capturing an image through the camera with little enhancement through the use of computer software.  By spending time with artists working in other media, she has improved the impact of her photography through better composition and perspective.

Currently, she is a member of the Sequin Oakwood Art League (SOAL); a displaying member of both the Sequin and New Braunfels Art League Galleries; and the 1st Vice President of the Randolph Art League in Universal City.  Prior to moving to the area, Beverly was a member of the Lone Star Art Guild and the Sugar Land Area Artists groups, where she participated in a number of art shows winning a number of awards for  her photography.

Beverly’s story about “Monument Valley”-

Monument Valley, in the high desert, is very sacred to the Navajo.  On a day when the clouds are dark and casting long shadows, and the wind is howling around the formations one can have almost an eerie feeling. Despite the stark, barren landscape there is a beauty there.

Beverly’s Art-

Monument Valley

Beverly’s story about “Cliff Palace II (Mesa Verde)”-

I have always had an interest in history and archeology.  I find places like Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon and other ancient sites to be very interesting both for what we know about them and what we do not know.  Most of the cliff dwellings in the Mesa Verde area are on ledges high up the canyon walls.  The size and locations indicates a highly developed society that worked together to build such magnificent structures.  The unanswered questions: why build on such inaccessible sites, and why were they abandoned to never be occupied again?

Beverly’s Art-

Cliff Palace II (Mesa Verde)

Beverly’s story about “Memories”-

This photograph was taken at the Mission Espada.  I laid my hat on a bench and took a picture of it. The western style hat resting by itself on a rustic wooden bench, with a worn but still colorful knelling bench evokes in me a feeling of remembering the past history of the mission.

Beverly’s Art-


Luling Icehouse Pottery Charley & Holly Pritchard:

Biographical information-

Raised in Richmond, Virginia, Charley Pritchard began his pottery making career in North Carolina. His interest in clay developed as a student at North Carolina State University. After naturally “taking to the wheel” in an elective course, he soon found himself traveling on weekends to visit the old time potteries of the red clay country of Seagrove, North Carolina. It was in the 200 year old pottery making tradition of this area that Charley found his calling.

With a twelve year background as an award-winning Graphic Designer in North Carolina, Holly Pritchard works as marketing director for Luling Icehouse Pottery. She also specializes in hand-built pottery as well as in the carving, decorating and application of relief designs to Charley’s wheel turned vessels.

A love of the southwest eventually brought the couple to Texas, where they established their first clay studio and gallery in the Spring of 2000.

Luling Icehouse Pottery, located in the historic Luling Icehouse (circa 1927), has been featured in Texas Highways, the San Antonio Express-News, the Austin Chronicle and the Austin American-Statesman.

The art of Charley & Holly Pritchard-

Oval Tiger Stripped Platter 2

Matt Chase:

Biographical information-

Matthew showed an interest in photography at a very early age.  At the age of sixteen, he took a photography class in high school and setup a dark room in his closet.  Matt then went on to study Computer Graphics and Commercial Photography at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, and worked at a large commercial photography studio for 5 years as an assistant, photographer, and digital editing specialist. During this time he also took many road trips into the desert looking for lightning, ghost towns and landscapes to photograph.  In 2005, Matthew moved to Texas with a renewed focus on his love of landscapes and fine art photography.

While living in Nevada and since moving to Texas Matthew has participated in both group and solo exhibits of his work. In 2009 he opened his own gallery in downtown Seguin showcasing his photography as well as original paintings by his mother Kristina Kelson.  Matt continues to work as a commercial photographer.

Matt’s Art-

Central Park- Seguin


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