Touchstones of the Inspired Life – Episode 7: The Long Road from Howling Monkeys to “Bottom of the Deck” with Bill Salt

The Wilson County Band
from left to right
Bruce Hartwig, Bill Salt, Jeff Ray, Brady Renner

Growing up in the Big Apple on Staten Island, Bill kept “borrowing” his sister’s Christmas present, a ukulele.  Soon he moved to a guitar, then another, and another, until…, he put his music aside for a very long time.  As fortune would have it, a day arrived a short time ago, and he set off on a new musical journey with family and friends to reach new horizons. 

The Long Road from Howling Monkeys to “Bottom of the Deck”
Cover of the Second CD from Wilson County

Wilson County Band Home Page:

Love Story in Paris:

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Thomas R. Engler plays Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier for the podcast’s intro and outro.

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