Touchstones of the Inspired Life – Episode 9: Saving Lives: A Mad Love for Theatre with C. J. Washington

Soundbite: Yes to Creativity Says Yes to Your Life.
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The mantra of yes, straight away or with variations, guides this leading lady of life with a mad love for the theatre on a creative journey that has saved and improved her life, those closest to her, and those of the people along her path.  At one time in her life, C. J. Washington was a goat rancher by day, a student by afternoon, an actress by evening, and a mother full time.  C. J. believes that, “Yes to your creativity says yes to your life.”

Saving Lives: A Mad Love for Theatre with C. J. Washington

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Thomas R. Engler plays Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier for the podcast’s intro and outro.