Touchstones of the Inspired Life – Episode 6: Little Steps of Bravery with Bailey Jo Simpson

From an early age, Bailey Jo has worked with determination and discipline to nurture her creativity.  After university, she packed her car to follow her passion for singing and songwriting.  On arriving in New Braunfels, Texas, a rainbow welcomed her.  Some time later, it happened again.  Another rainbow, this one guides her to a new avenue of expression. 

While forging her journey, Bailey Jo is not forgetting the difficulties of building dreams.  She uses her experience to guide and foster the creativity of the youth in the community. 

Little Steps of Bravery

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Thomas R. Engler plays Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier for the podcast’s intro and outro.

Touchstones of the Inspired Life – Episode 5: A View from the Tree House: The Renaissance in Children’s Books with Hannah Farmer

I was so wrong.  An hour of storytelling at the library was so much more than listening to someone reading from a book.  There was singing, lessons in the alphabet, bending and stretching exercises, and coloring a rainbow.  Join us in listening to Hannah’s journey from her job of shelving children’s books to enriching the lives of toddlers to teenagers.  


For more information about the Seguin Public Library and its many programs and activities visit: Seguin Public Library