Creativity & Sustainability at Siempre Sustainable Network

Siempre Sustainable Network donates funds to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti

Excerpts from Marika’s presentation on creativity and sustainability to the Siempre Sustainable Network on March 14, 2011.


Good Evening y’all, and welcome to the delightful world of:

Creativity and Sustainability

Those who dream while awake are conscious of a thousand things that escape those who dream only when they are asleep.

Paul Martin dreams while awake.  A few months ago,  I had the privilege to be an attendee at a presentation by Paul Martin about sustainability.  Here he was with a cornucopia of local vegetables, fruits and herbs demonstrating the importance of sustainability.  For a moment, it brought me back to the Saturday morning farmer’s market of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Some surely remember the same fond memories of Central Park.

Paul’s message ignited  my thinking.   I was dreaming while awake about the duality of creativity and sustainability.  What a marriage!  Have you ever thought of the connection between the two?  Let’s talk about it.


In conclusion, lets look at some sustainable projects in our community that have cultural meaning, are socially responsible and generate real success.

Central Park

The Texas Theater, and

Walnut Springs


Isn’t it amazing to realize how these three restoration  projects ties us closer as a community?  They offer a central location for entertainment, the arts and recreation.

Ladies and Gentlemen please Join me in dreaming while awake of Seguin as an arts destination.  For you see,the harmony of all arts is a beautiful symbol of a strong nation.


Marika’s Calendar

Marika has events at the newly restored Texas Theater, Texas Lutheran University’s Chapel of the Abiding Presence, Siempre Sustainable Network, and the Seguin ArtsFest.

March 02

Wednesday morning, from 10:00-10:20

The Chapel of the Abiding Presence, Texas Lutheran University

1000 West Court Street, Seguin, TX

Marika’s chapel talk uses the 2011 Women’s History Month theme – Our  History is our Strength.

March 14

Monday evening at 7:15

Mosaic Community Church

1201 West Court Street, Seguin, TX

Marika will discuss creativity and sustainability.

March 19

Saturday evening at 7:00

The Texas Theater

425 North Austin Street, Seguin, TX

Come and enjoy the restored Texas Theater.  See sculptures in wood, ceramic, and metal by Marika and other members of the Seguin Sculptors Guild.  Listen to poetry about sculptures and sculpting and let music serenade you as part of the evening’s entertainment.

March 26

Saturday morning from 9:00 to 11:30

ArtsFest Seguin

Art in the Park for Kids of All Ages

Central Park at the Court House

Austin and Court Streets, Seguin, TX

Marika and members of the Seguin Sculptors Guild will work with the “kids of all ages” on an art tapestry/quilt.  The tapestry will represent the architectural beauty of downtown Seguin.  Prior to ArtsFest a number of local artists will add their interpretation of Seguin architecture to the tapestry.  The project for the kids of all ages will be to add accents and borders to the tapestry using a resin based material.