Texas Lutheran University Chapel Talk for Women’s History Month

At the invitation of Rev. Greg Ronning, Marika gave a chapel talk to give tribute to  Women’s History Month.  The title of the presentation is “The Quiet Strength”.

Click here to see Texas Lutheran University’s YouTube video of the presentation: The Quiet Strength
Click here to hear the presentation: 

Excerpt from presentation:

The title of my presentation is:

The Quiet Strength

The life of a woman is like a Carousel

This is a truth that follows a woman

from childhood, through puberty, to womanhood.

The sculpture you see here is “Carousel of Women’s Life.”

Twelve years ago, after a period of reflection, I set out with mallet, chisel, and wood to tell a story.  The nature of wood is to guide the sculptor’s hands that hold the mallet and chisel.  Thus it left six women on a raft floating on the uncertain seas of life searching to discover:

        •   What is the life of a woman?
        •   Is there a meaning to our struggle?
        •   What do we bring to humanity?

From babyhood, to motherhood, to the dusk of life, this sculpture portrays the strengths and struggles of women to overcome the shackles of Madison Avenue appetites, the distractions of the flotsam and jetsam of this world, and the blasphemies of false prophets.  They rise to the call to nurture, guide, and move humanity through uncharted waters.

Marika and Evelyn Streng

Marika and Rev. Greg Ronning

Presentation at the University of Texas El Paso to the Upward Bound Students

This podcast is from Marika’s presentation to the Upward Bound Program students at the University of Texas  at El Paso Union Cinema on  Saturday, April 16, 2011.  On the preceding day, Marika made the presentation at the Riverside High School, Ysleta Independent School District and then at the Chapin High School, El Paso Independent School District.  

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Upward Bound Program

Union Cinema


Upward Bound Students



Marika with Maria Yanar

Riverside High School


Marika receiving certificate of appreciation from Rick Boisselier and Melissa Barba-Espinosa

Dr. Richard Padilla

Riverside High School Students

Chapin High School


Teacher Ana Valdez and Chapin High School Students

Chapin High School Students

Presentation at the University of Texas El Paso to the Methods of Teaching Art Class

Professor David McIntyre

Click here to hear the presentation:

Recently, Marika at the request of the University of Texas El Paso Art Department made a presentation to Professor Dave McIntyre’s class “Methods of Teaching Art”.

Marika urged the future teachers of Texas children: 

“Along your path

            • As an artist: share ideas 
            • As a teacher: encourage each creative spirit
            • As a creative person: continue to learn and appreciate life’s lessons.”



              Dr. Richard Padilla