The Texas Lutheran University Exhibition

My upcoming exhibition at Texas Lutheran University includes Ann and Mary.  The sculpture portrays the scene of the most important moment in Christian history.  Mary the Mother of Christ is bringing to her mother Ann the good news about the Son of God.  When she tells her mother “I am going to be the mother of our Messiah,” the shock is nearly overwhelming for Ann.  She puts her hand on her head.  Then when she understands the importance of the message, she holds and comforts her daughter, and places her hand on the unborn Jesus.  This sculpture projects the universal message of nurturing and love between a mother and a daughter and an unborn child.

After seeing Ann and Mary, Kettly Mars an award-winning novelist wrote the following poem:

Ann and Mary

Since you have chosen my daughter,

Since you have sowed in her womb the seed of your wonderful light,

Since you have made her body the sacred temple worth bearing the fruit of your glory,

I offer to you, Lord,

Our obedience and our tears,

Our ignorance and our fears,

Our weaknesses and our wants,

Humbly asking you to transform them into a beam of light so powerful

That it shall bless the flesh of the women of all generations to come…

Poem by: Kettly Mars

Ann and Mary

Ann and Mary

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