One thought on “George Washington Carver Museum Opening: Photos

  1. I am heartwarmed that the Seguin Oakwood Art League’s Haiti Disaster Relief Art Auction Saturday was such a success! My husband and I are Wisconsin friends with one of your SOAL artists, Roger Betschler and his beautiful pottery. So I am familiar with SOAL and all the really neat activities it does. I am particularly intested in your carvings. My husband,Bill, enjoys writing poetry and sometimes does simple pencil drawings to go with them. Since I can’t draw, I take my camera with me looking for the unique pictures of nature wherever they may occur. Our interests are simply for enjoyment and giving of gifts at this time. But when we retire in 5 years from the WI Dept of Corrections, whoever knows what will become of our artistic interests. When we visit Seguin again, I would be honored to visit with you and see your creations. Again, I am joyed with your efforts to help the people of Haiti recover from their personal losses. Sincerely, Kay

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