The Cross for The Road to Emmaus



From the beginning, the creation of the sculpture revolved around the question “Who is to hold the cross?”  We tend to see the death of Jesus through Michelangelo’s Pieta, the portrayal of  Mary, the mother, holding the lifeless body of her Son.  But in the reality of this journey, we are closer to the weaknesses of Mary Magdalene than to the holiness of the Mother of Jesus.

3 thoughts on “The Cross for The Road to Emmaus

  1. What a pleasure it was to see, feel and carry the ‘Cross’ you made special for Terri and the special Walk #120. The ‘Cross’ with Mary Magdalene holding it was truly meaningful. I am a visual person, so the ‘Cross’ was very inspiring to see every day. We are all in a Walk daily to reach out to Him and serve Him and those around us. Kneeling at the foot of the Cross helps us to stay focused on Jesus, the One we serve. I pray we changed and grew as we served Him at the foot of the ‘Cross’.
    Thank you for your dedication to your calling, both as an artist and a Christian.
    God’s Blessings pour out on you more.

  2. From the moment I saw Marika’s sculptures, on the Texas Contry Reporter segment, I knew without a doubt this is who I wanted to sculpt a Cross for the February 2012 Women’s Emmaus Walk. As soon as I heard Marika talk about her faith, I knew God was allowing this special lady to be a part of this Walk through her vision of Mary Magdalene carrying the Cross. To listen to Marika’s narration of the sculpture from just a piece of wood stump to the beautiful sculpture is it today, she is truly giving glory to God for her talent and ability. Marika’s vision of how precious the Cross is to each of us is captured in the posture of the sculpture. From the kneeling of Mary Magdalene in reverance to the cross and the structure of the arms of the cross is a story in itself. Marika is truly an amazing woman in her gifts as a sculpturess, but more so in her belief in God. To sit and listen to Marika ponder the works of God and bring it forth in art form is very humbling. One must make it a point to meet Marika in person to truly appreciate her work. When this sculpture was unveiled to the women on the Walk there were gasps heard around the room. Tears fell as I talked about meeting Marika and her vision for the Cross. God made a way for our paths to meet and I will be forever grateful for the chance to meet such an incredible woman. Marika and Dennis, you have touch MANY lives through this sculpture and Carlos and I are thankful we had a chance to sit with you for this vision. May God bless you as you have blessed others.
    Terri Flores

  3. What a blessing it was to see your work on this piece in person! God has truly blessed you with the talent to share His word to others, Many hands have touched this cross and it will forever touch my heart, the thought, prayer, and the hands that made this cross. Absolutely beautiful! God will continue to richly bless you for carry His message to others through the work of your hands. Blessing to you Marika!
    Pam Elrod

    Pam Elrod

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