Touchstones of the Inspired Life – Episode 10: Just Hop In with Thomas R. Engler

Just Hop In: Soundbite

A family’s love for music flowed through Tom’s childhood heart with such persistent force that his life followed the path of a musician.  His community was a performing arts incubator that gave Tom an abiding love for liturgical and classical music.  His appreciation for those who gave him the exposure and opportunities to follow his creative journey is seen in his giving back to the community through performances and in the many violin, piano and voice students who emerge from his studio year after year.

Episode 10: Just Hop In with Thomas R. Engler

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Thomas R. Engler plays Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier for the podcast’s intro and outro.

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God Among Us

In the beginning:


When asked me to write an artist statement for the sculpture, I said yes without blinking an eye.  My understanding was, I would go through the genesis of the sculpture in explaining the experience of my journey while carving the flesh of the wood.  

The reality we foresee this day is difficult to explain because the work is based on a strong feeling of faith.  From the conception to the finished artwork, I tried to capture a moment in its eternity.  The  artist in me created something that she does not fully comprehend.  The sculpture is the fruit of the changing seasons of my roots from soils of many cultures.  It is also a strong belief in the divine rather than a proof in itself.  I am just an instrument in His hands.  This being said, I consider it is more important for the artwork to speak for itself without intervention or explanation. 

Ideally, a two-way avenue of communication flows between the Creator and the viewer allowing his mind to wander in prayer.  The visible is something different for everyone.  While my explanation can be useful to the viewer for exploration and consideration, it can also limit or constrict the possible responses.   




God Among Us

Photo courtesy of Matt Chase Photography


Unveiling Ceremony 1


A Sculptural Prayer

Do not gaze at it

But sink into it through your eyes, and

Feel its intensity under your skin.

Do not just think about it, instead,

Meditate on it 

Let it carry you to the unknown

Fast, Far and Forever

To a whole universe …

To embrace the glory of creation and

The Creator