Sculpture exhibit to open Saturday at Heritage Museum

Pictured is one of sculptress Marika Bordes’ sculptures that will be on display at the Seguin Heritage Museum this weekend. Each sculpture also includes reflections on the piece by community members. Below is Audra Schulz’s reflections on the pictured piece.

Seguin Daily News October 15, 2010

Child of Mine
By Audra Schulz
Personally, I don’t remember ever inciting such a reaction in my mother. I cannot imagine an enterprise of my childhood creation stirring such frustration in 
Marika! Surely your inspiration is an exaggeration!
A child of free spirit myself, I am quite certain that if one ever did see my mother in this pose they most certainly mistook exasperation for revelation. Revelation that she had bore a child of such resourcefulness that she felt swept away with the pride of it!
Marika, this is your true inspiration, isn’t it? Pride that overtakes your heart upon the vision of her! Pride that you took part in the creation of someone who can make you all at once infuriated and swollen with delight at your accomplishment!
So this is motherhood; brief, relishing, rewarding, wrenching. Then comes the time when mothers return to their own childhood tendencies, and daughters in turn throw back their heads with irritation. “Mother, did you really just say that?!”
By Jessica Domel
(Seguin) — A local sculptress and her students will prove that seeing truly is believing this weekend at the Seguin Heritage Museum. Saturday the museum will officially unveil the sculpture exhibition of Marika Bordes and her students with an opening reception for the show “Visions in Wood: Marika and Her Students.” The theme of the show is “Art in Seguin… Seeing is Believing.”
In addition to the works of art, Bordes says her sculptures will also include commentary and reflections by community members.
“As the artist, I carve a story, but as soon as the sculpture is finished, it does not belong to me anymore. Everyone has an interpretation. Everyone sees something with it,” said Bordes. “Most of the time I look at people looking at my sculptures, and they go deep down into themselves. It’s not exactly my story, but it is their story and that’s what it is important.”
Museum Director John Gesick says the museum will be filled with over 30 sculptures from Bordes and her talented students.
“Of course the main attraction is already in place. He’s stand on the floor of the hand-drawn elevator on the first floor. He’s 14-feet tall, beautifully-done, just magnificent, and we have “special railings that we put around the opening upstairs so that people can’t fall through, but they can look from the top to the bottom. His head’s almost kind-of sticking up on the second floor,” said Gesick. “It’s just a massive undertaking by Marika.”
The Heritage Museum chose to host the sculpture exhibit, according to Gesick, because art also plays an important role in the history and culture of a people.
“When I look at the history of museums and the programs that museums have – whether they’re small communities such as us or the larger ones – there’s a confluence, there’s a coming together of art. That’s a big part of our history here in America and the world as well as artifacts from Stone Age peoples, indigenous peoples all the way through Industrial and the Technological age. So we felt that this was a great fit,” said Gesick. “Marika and I were just talking for one day and she was looking for a place, and I said, ‘Why not the museum?’ and this worked out beautifully.”
The free reception will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday at the Seguin Heritage Museum, which is located at 114 N. River St. just a block north of the Guadalupe County Courthouse.