Marika’s Calendar

Marika has events at the newly restored Texas Theater, Texas Lutheran University’s Chapel of the Abiding Presence, Siempre Sustainable Network, and the Seguin ArtsFest.

March 02

Wednesday morning, from 10:00-10:20

The Chapel of the Abiding Presence, Texas Lutheran University

1000 West Court Street, Seguin, TX

Marika’s chapel talk uses the 2011 Women’s History Month theme – Our  History is our Strength.

March 14

Monday evening at 7:15

Mosaic Community Church

1201 West Court Street, Seguin, TX

Marika will discuss creativity and sustainability.

March 19

Saturday evening at 7:00

The Texas Theater

425 North Austin Street, Seguin, TX

Come and enjoy the restored Texas Theater.  See sculptures in wood, ceramic, and metal by Marika and other members of the Seguin Sculptors Guild.  Listen to poetry about sculptures and sculpting and let music serenade you as part of the evening’s entertainment.

March 26

Saturday morning from 9:00 to 11:30

ArtsFest Seguin

Art in the Park for Kids of All Ages

Central Park at the Court House

Austin and Court Streets, Seguin, TX

Marika and members of the Seguin Sculptors Guild will work with the “kids of all ages” on an art tapestry/quilt.  The tapestry will represent the architectural beauty of downtown Seguin.  Prior to ArtsFest a number of local artists will add their interpretation of Seguin architecture to the tapestry.  The project for the kids of all ages will be to add accents and borders to the tapestry using a resin based material.

AT&T backs fine arts facility at TLU

Company gives university $75,000 to fund development of conceptual plans for facility

Posted: Sunday, February 6, 2011 12:00 am | Updated: 3:18 pm, Sat Feb 5, 2011.

SEGUIN – AT&T recently awarded $75,000 to Texas Lutheran University to fund the development of conceptual plans for a new fine arts facility on the TLU campus.

The conceptual drawings will be presented to TLU regents at the board’s February meeting.

With a new fine arts facility in place, TLU will seek an increase in participation and enrollment for students interested in band, strings, choir, dramatic media and the visual arts.

“In recent years, the TLU fine arts program has grown to include nearly 25 percent of our student population – more than 300 students – and we have significantly outgrown our existing facilities,” said Nancy Hershfield, vice president development and alumni relations. “We appreciate AT&T’s continued support of our students and faculty, and we are excited about the opportunities we will have to expand and grow our outstanding fine arts program.”

“Many students already choose TLU based on its excellence in fine arts education,” said Laura Sanford, assistant vice president of AT&T. “New facilities will enable TLU to attract and retain additional students, further enrich arts instruction, enhance student life and increase the many ways in which TLU serves as an arts focal point for the greater Seguin-area community. This is essential to TLU and its continued educational and community leadership.”

Through its philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, AT&T has a long history of supporting projects that create learning opportunities, promote academic and economic achievement and address community needs. In 2009, more than $155 million was contributed through corporate, employee and AT&T Foundation programs.

Currently, the TLU School of Music provides professional training to students who wish to pursue careers in music and music education. It also offers opportunities to students from all majors to enhance their musical education by electing to study music, either from among the academic offerings (music history, literature or theory) or performance (piano, organ, instrumental, voice, and vocal or instrumental ensembles).

Students gain performance opportunities through membership in the symphonic winds, concert band, choir and string ensemble.

A relatively new concept, dramatic media has been defined by the Kennedy Center in its publication “The National Standards for Arts Education” as a “means of telling stories by way of stage, film, television, radio, or computer discs.”

At TLU, that concept has been adapted to create a unique and dynamic program of instruction and production.

Intentionally developed as a hybrid of theater, film and new media training, the program explores storytelling by way of the stage or screen, through the fusion and study of text, performance, design and technology.

TLU’s Department of Visual Arts offers a program of training and experience in fine art supported by studies in the liberal arts. Students may specialize in drawing/painting, sculpture, ceramics and graphic arts, and typically have the opportunity to study abroad, jury local art shows and attend national art conferences and workshops.

Internships regularly become available within the community or a student may elect to intern in the art department as a shop tech in the ceramics, sculpture and printmaking labs, or in the campus art gallery.

Art students may also participate in the annual juried exhibition that is held in the Annetta Kraushaar Gallery in the Schuech Fine Arts Center or showcase their works in other venues throughout the community.


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Texas Lutheran University Spanish Class Visits the Studio

Recently, an upper level Spanish class visited Marika’s studio and gallery as part of their class activities.  Some excerpts from the students:

From Samantha-

My favorite piece that she talked about was the Carousel of a Woman’s Life.  At first glance i had no idea the depth and creativity of this piece of artwork, but then as she started to explain it you began to see numerous different women figures in the one piece of wood.  Marika made me feel the passion she has for her work simply by describing it.


My favorite piece was The Beggar because the sculpture really captured the posture of the beggar.  The piece was very emotional.  I thought the way the artist was able to sculpt the wood to look like cloth blowing in the wind was really incredible.


I was really inspired by Marika.  …,but she made me realize that it is important to love what you do and to take a deeper look at things, rather than what is just on the surface.  The way she spoke about her piece “The Beggar” was amazing.  I hope that I will be as passionate about my work as she is.

Invitation to Marika’s Exhibition at Texas Lutheran University

Texas Lutheran University

The Visual Art Department



Inspiration – Celebration – Passion

January 22—February 26


3:30-6:00 p.m., Thursday, January 22, 2009

Annetta Kraushaar Gallery

The Shuech Fine Arts Center

Texas Lutheran University

1000 West Court Street

Seguin, TX 78155

For more information please call 830-372-8020

The Texas Lutheran University Exhibition

My upcoming exhibition at Texas Lutheran University includes Ann and Mary.  The sculpture portrays the scene of the most important moment in Christian history.  Mary the Mother of Christ is bringing to her mother Ann the good news about the Son of God.  When she tells her mother “I am going to be the mother of our Messiah,” the shock is nearly overwhelming for Ann.  She puts her hand on her head.  Then when she understands the importance of the message, she holds and comforts her daughter, and places her hand on the unborn Jesus.  This sculpture projects the universal message of nurturing and love between a mother and a daughter and an unborn child.

After seeing Ann and Mary, Kettly Mars an award-winning novelist wrote the following poem:

Ann and Mary

Since you have chosen my daughter,

Since you have sowed in her womb the seed of your wonderful light,

Since you have made her body the sacred temple worth bearing the fruit of your glory,

I offer to you, Lord,

Our obedience and our tears,

Our ignorance and our fears,

Our weaknesses and our wants,

Humbly asking you to transform them into a beam of light so powerful

That it shall bless the flesh of the women of all generations to come…

Poem by: Kettly Mars

Ann and Mary

Ann and Mary